How to Make Your Subscribers List More Engaged

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Guess which channel is the best for selling your products:

A) Social media
B) Google Ads
C) Email

When it comes to revenue, the top performer is email.

Email marketing has been shown to have one of the highest Returns on Investment (ROI). For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $36 1.

It’s clear the most effective way to catch the attention of potential customers is by being in their inboxes. That’s why my main goal is to grow my subscribers list. because there’s no better way to reach people’s wallets hearts than through their inboxes.

But it’s not just about adding any subscribers. I’m looking for real people (not robots) who are interested in what I have to share. That’s why I’ve set up a system where new subscribers need to confirm their email. This step ensures they’re truly interested in receiving my messages which leads to higher open rates.

However, last week I went to check my metrics and I was shocked to find out 30 people hadn’t confirmed their email.


We like to think that all people who give us their emails are going to be engaged.

… but the truth is, many won’t even open your emails.

You might relate if you’ve ever set up a waitlist or subscription list for a product launch or webinar.

You might had a lot of sign-ups and gotten super excited! “I’m going to have loads of people”, you think.

But when the moment comes, you send your list the email letting them know what they subscribed for is ready, and… no one replies.

This is what happened to Eden:

Imagine having a subscriber list that can’t wait to open your emails.

What could make your audience look forward to your messages?

The Welcome Flow

First impressions count. Your welcome email is your best chance to engage your audience.

The Welcome Flow includes the initial interactions with your customer after they give you their email. It looks something like this:

First opt-in → Incentive email (confirmation) → Welcome email or sequence

Most people waste the best moment to prove to their potential clients they’ve made the right decision choosing you.

The first few emails you send are going to be critical because they will set up the relationship for the future.

Why welcome emails are key:

  • They capture maximum attention from new subscribers eager to hear from you.
  • They prevent subscribers from forgetting about you.
  • They position you as the go-to source for valuable content right away.

Welcome Flow Examples

Ramit Sethi – I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Ramit Sethi, the entrepreneur behind I Will Teach You To Be Rich, offers advice on personal finance and business through his blog, books, and courses. His newsletter has over 300K subscribers, and an astounding 80% confirm their subscription within just five minutes.

Ramit has two main ways to grow his subscriber list:

  1. A quiz on his landing page.
  2. A subscription form on his blog.

The copy shows he deeply understands his audience: “Stop pinching pennies and design the life you’ve always imagined. Spend confidently on the things you love, and cut back mercilessly on the things you don’t.”

After the subscription, you get redirected to a welcome page asking you to confirm your subscription via email. The confirmation includes a link with bonus resources, the main incentive for people to confirm: “Click Here To Get Your Free Content.”

Once you click, you get to a welcome page with his “Rich Life Insiders Kit“, which includes:

  • A welcome message.
  • A curated list with the best material from his website tailored to four audience needs:
    • IWT’s Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance for money management tips.
    • IWT’s Ultimate Guide to Making Money for those looking to boost their income.
    • IWT’s Ultimate Guide to Social Skills for mastering conversation.
    • IWT’s Ultimate Guide to Habits for achieving peak performance.
  • A sneak peek of his main course, “Earnable.”

Ramit includes pictures of himself throughout the journey, building trust by showing the real person behind the platform instead of an impersonal corporate sequence.

In his first welcome email, Ramit introduces himself, sets expectations on the kind of content you’re going to receive, outlines the benefits of subscribing, and encourages a reply to boost engagement and ensure email deliverability.

Codie Sanchez – Contrarian Thinking

Codie Sanchez, an investor and entrepreneur, teaches how to profit from acquiring “boring businesses.” Her newsletter has over 500k subscribers.

The primary opt-in is featured at the top of her homepage. Codie builds credibility by displaying social proof right below the opt-in form, showing her follower count, subscriber numbers, and the number of students subscribed to her courses.

Upon subscribing, you are directed to a confirmation page where Codie asks to verify your subscription via email. She also promises to share links to previous newsletters, adding immediate value. Additionally, a form is displayed to gather insights about new subscribers, allowing her to tailor her content to her audience’s preferences.

In her welcome email, Codie shares what you can expect in terms of content and schedule. As promised, she delivers a selection of her best articles, including articles on purchasing businesses, and case studies on unconventional businesses. Finally, Codie does some housekeeping to make sure you receive her emails.

An excerpt of Codie’s welcome email with a list of resources

Jay Clouse – Creator Science

Jay Clouse is the founder of Creator Science, a platform built to help creators with advice delivered through his newsletter, podcast, memberships, and videos.

Jay uses two ways to capture emails:

  1. An opt-in form on his landing page.
  2. A complimentary course promoted through a pop-up: the “Professional Creator Crash Course.”

On his confirmation page, you are directed to a confirmation page urging them to verify your email. Here he includes a form to deepen the understanding of his audience’s interests and needs.

The next few steps are a generic confirmation email and a welcome page. But the welcome email is juicy and densely packed with insights addressing the main pain points of his audience.

An excerpt of the welcome email of the course

What These Welcome Flows Have in Common

What stands out in these welcome flow examples is the entrepreneurs’ commitment to delivering value right from the moment you’ve subscribed.

Rather than sending a generic “thank you” or a link to a boring tutorial, they share resources that solve an urgent pain point.

Here’s where knowing your audience pays off. Because when you give them what they want you lead them to anticipate your future emails and think “I can’t wait for what’s coming next!”

Effective welcome gifts include:

  • A compilation of the most popular resources from your website.
  • A free eBook or guide.
  • A sample from your course or book.
  • Free templates.
  • A sweet discount.

The 10 Capital Sins of Welcome Flows

  1. Not sending any welcome emails.
  2. Sending the welcome email too late.
  3. Overloading subscribers with too many emails.
  4. Overwhelming with content or CTAs.
  5. Overfilling the welcome email with promotions or asking for a sale too early.
  6. Sharing irrelevant or boring content.
  7. Not setting clear expectations.
  8. Having an inconsistent emailing frequency.
  9. Don’t tell any benefits of being subscribed to your emails.
  10. Having a confusing subject line.

Deliver value immediately through your first emails and set the tone for a meaningful relationship. This is just the first step in a relationship that you have to nurture continuously.

I’ve included a list of tools and the top-performing newsletter editions in my welcome email. And I highlighted this on the confirmation page and in the email to make sure nobody missed it. By packing in loads of value, all for the tiny task of hitting ‘confirm’ on their email, I’m hoping to improve the conversions of my subscriber confirmations and improve the open rates moving forward.

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